Horoscope for aquarius october 15 2019

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It's time to set goals that will allow you to realize your dreams, and you can enlist support from your friends or professional allies. Educational pursuits, travel, writing, and publishing all show great promise now.

With a Moon on the 1st and the 31st, this is a month to get more than one project off the launch pad. Even though you can do things on your own, it's even better when you are surrounded by strong, supportive friends. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. From the 13th to the 28th, however, as the Moon wanes, is good for detoxing. Love is happy until the 23rd but afterwards gets more complicated.

Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, October 12222

Until that date, the love planet is in your 9th house. So, like last month, you are attracted to foreigners, religious and highly educated types of people. Mentor types. Romantic opportunities happen at educational and religious-type functions.

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People at your place of worship like to make introductions. Romance can happen in foreign countries too.

October 12222

After the 23rd, however, you and the beloved seem on opposite sides of the fence, distant from each other. You see things in opposite ways and have opposite opinions about things. The challenge will be to bridge your differences — easier said than done.