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We have a record amount of aspects - basically, no planet will remain unaspected. There will be A LOT going on.

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We have some wonderful supportive aspects in Earth signs, but also several dynamic T-squares which will demand action. We have a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th, This New Moon is very very Virgo because we have 5 personal planets in Virgo if we count, of course, the Sun and the Moon , which is pretty unusual. Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets, and they meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle.

The vitality of the soul is also which decides your level of self-confidence and courage. Ego or realization of own self is an important topic related to the Sun. The Sun indicates the type of ego a person has — it can be both healthy and unhealthy. That is correct, there can be many forms of ego in a person.

That is how some people are generous at the same time still having strong self-respect. On the other hand, other people can have highly selfish personality and it indicates wounds that are deep inside of a person in a soul level — that is why a strong Sun is very important for the healthy development of Ego and generous soul. The opposite sign of Sun ruled Leo is Aquarius, which signifies humbleness — it signifies balance between ego and humbleness, which is the main lesson for souls in life.

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In a conclusion, a strong Sun signifies a kind person with strong vitality, who will succeed in becoming humble in life. Sun also symbolizes charisma, personality, and leadership abilities. Natural leadership abilities and a magnetic personality is a blessing of extremely strong Sun in a horoscope. The Sun in Astrology signifies father, government, authority, rulers, temples, self, soul, and prana. Really good summary of the radiant center of our solar system. Consider the different names of the sun from different cultures: Surya, Agni, Sol, Ra, and many more.

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If you understand and read about these you will get a deeper understanding about this life giver. At the end of the day, all planets must bow to the sun! Sun represents male gender and hormones, while Moon represents female hormones and gender. Strong mindset also helps to handle all the challenges and difficulties in life. Just like Moon reflects the light of Sun, reflects our mindset the rays from our soul and create a public image of ourselves to the world.

So the assessment of the strength of Moon is a very complex task. The considered planet also represents our conscious mind. It also helps in achieving a powerful and authoritative position.

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In addition to that, Sun with Directional Strength promotes good health, vitality, and attractive appearance. People with this combination will be noble, wealthy, and blessed with intelligent children. Your email address will not be published. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

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The Nine of Wands can indicate anxiety and worry being burdened and keyed up over concerns. The first and best step is often to take a deep breath and calm down.

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Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, if you must. At least some of your worries will very likely turn out to be imaginary. Get very specific on what you are afraid of and pick it apart. What is the true likelihood of the worry actually happening? Asking for help is the mark of a strong person. Menu Skip to content.

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