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Once this happens, your more positive attributes will come to the fore. For example, you will be a dedicated spouse and a loving parent. Your family will thrive under your care and support. You are the perfect match for a partner born under the Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer zodiacs. You compatibility level with these natives is quite high. This means that your relationship with them will thrive. The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with a Libra.

You do not operate from the same emotional platform with these natives. As such, your relationship with them would end in disaster. We strongly advise against it! October 24 zodiac people are very ambitious. You are relentless in the pursuit of your objectives.

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You reflect the true spirit of Scorpio of being single-minded and resolute in the pursuit of excellence. You taper this quite easily with your graceful, accepting nature.

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Unlike most other ambitious people, you are not ruthless. If anything, you are kind, helpful, and generous. Yes, you do work hard to achieve your goals. But, it is not at the expense of others.

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Being a good listener, people turn to you when they need some advice. You expect reciprocity when you have an issue you want to pour out. This kind of arrangement works very well for most of your friends. You love being in charge of the activities around you. You are highly capable in this because of your advanced multi-tasking skills.

However, you have a few negative traits that you need to check on. For example, you tend to be temperamental. You allow circumstances to affect your moods quite frequently. This sends signals of instability to your teammates. Also, you often suffer bouts of jealousy. This is manifested in two areas: your love life and at work. It makes you become a clingy, possessive, and controlling individual. All in all, you have what it takes to lead a fulfilling life. Make sure that you keep the right company.

Some of those in your circle are sucking out the very life out of you. Set standards for your relationships! You share the October 24 birthday with many famous people from around the world. Here are five of them:. October 24 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Scorpio. This decan belongs to those born between October 23 and November 2. The planet Pluto plays the supervisory role in this decan. It empowers you to show the stronger characteristics of Scorpio. For example, you are secretive, determined, and mysterious. People benefit a lot from your compassionate nature.

You are not one to go about your businesses while another person is in duress. You understand that not everyone can live as per your high standards. Your birthday is synonymous with responsibility, charm, imagination, and exuberance.

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These qualities are the key to your future. Keep them close to your heart. You can do very well as a mid-level manager. This is because unlike most people, you are not driven by money, fame, and positions. Rather, you are motivated by adventure. You want ideas that arouse and engage your emotions. This puts you firmly in control of the direction you want your career to take. Black is the magic color of people born on October In its pure state, black indicates an absence of light.

It shows that you have no qualms handling uneven relationships in the right manner. Read on to understand more… You were born under the Scorpio zodiac sign. Love and Compatibility for October 24 Zodiac October 24 zodiac lovers are very mysterious. A word of caution! This month's Hunter's Moon energy lasts up to 6 months for all zodiac signs in astrology. Here is your 6 month Full Moon in Taurus forecast for all zodiac signs in astrology. I'm all about taking advantage of Full Moon energy. When you see a Full Moon starting to bring about it's full glow in the darkness, it's a great reminder to celebrate your own progress and growth.

Just last month in September on the 24th, you experienced the benefits of a powerful Aries Full Moon. This Full Moon, in the zodiac sign of Taurus, brings relationships to a different platform: the key between successful relationships and money.

You may have noticed that there are certain power couples that just can't help but climb to the top of the world together. But there are those people in life you really just need to drop like it's hot, and that's what THIS Full Moon in Taurus is letting you know it's alright to do. In other words, it's okay to change. It's okay to say no.

It's okay to be stubborn about your choices. Even if the unknown is scary at times, the best thing to do right now is to expect the unexpected. Which part of your life is expected to change the most besides the area of money and finances?

October 24 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Love, romance, and sensuality. This Full Moon ties together three planetary energies: Venus in Scorpio where Jupiter and Mercury are located right now , and Uranus the magnetic planet of unexpected change at 1 degree in the zodiac sign of Taurus. In fact, the Full Moon will function as if it's holding hands with Uranus. We look to this Full Moon to remind us of the power of sensuality and the desire to have something beautiful. What's more beautiful than a love you didn't anticipate? Last month's lunar cycle, overlaps the energy of the Hunter's Moon that takes place on October 24th.

We were reminded to heal from the past and how it doesn't connect with the present. Anytime you have a Full Moon in one zodiac sign the Sun is exactly in the center of that Moon's placement, and it's perfect partner. Taurus partner is Scorpio, and so this brings your attention to the 7th House which is about love, marriage, relationships, coupling for the sake of intimacy.

The Moon is at 1 degree of Taurus and it's joining forces with Uranus, who will be in the planet of Taurus for 7 years after it completes this retrograde cycle. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so what you need will come up now. You may become more aware of what you need physically. Taurus is about the sense. You may think about what you need monetarily. Taurus is a money zodiac sign. You may also think about what is in your way, as Jupiter in Scorpio enlarges obstacles and says to let it go. It's possible you can find your twin flame and that person may be someone you never would have imagined you'd fall in love with.

Uranus symbolizes other cultures, languages, backgrounds and different country or people. Uranus and a Full Moon in Taurus can also give you reason to be cautious but open to trying something new. Saturn in Capricorn also gets into the mix of this Full Moon. Saturn provides stability and structure to change. What Taurus loves is structure, the predictability, and the patience of the energy that Saturn provides.

Saturn in western astrology is the wise teacher. In other forms of astrology, like vibrational astrology, it represents the peeling back of what you don't need. You will see the benefits of taking risks, and learn to value yourself.

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What you don't need, you can release and let go. When you see that something isn't good for you thanks to Venus in retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, you learn to let it go. The energy unfolds until May ! Aries, this Full Moon invites you to re-evaluate your finances and also who you do financing with. You may need some advice on investments in order to learn the best way to use the new money that will be coming in. This last year, you may have had more opportunities for jobs, interviews, and if you haven't you will. Use this time to do things like a Taurus. Be practical and tenacious.

There will be times to be inflexible in your thinking, but only because you're ready to finally get the things that you really want. Taurus, even though it's not in your nature to be particularly selfish there are times when you need to do things just for you.

You're ruling planet Venus in Scorpio may let you know it's time to clean out your closet, literally. Go shopping. Buy a new wardrobe, get a make over, start something fresh and new. You're ready to be more vibrate and lovely. Love is calling your name and you will want to be looking the part of a wonderful person ready for endless career possibilities, friendships, and a revived belief in love. Gemini, you have had some lessons to learn and you are learning them well.

This is helping you to see your personal shortcomings but also your hidden talents which are many.