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Thanks x 5. Sep 21, I've never had a longer reading from him because they're a little more than i want to spend, but he's usually been correct with regard to timelines Scarlet Moon. Thanks x 2. I watched this woman lastnight and when I tell you she was accurate. She went through the natal chart and all. Kelley Rosano on Youtube I would love for someone else to try her and tell me if it resonated. Thanks x 3. I'll watch when I get home. Sep 22, Sep 23, Nov 21, Has anyone had a personal reading by a YT reader that turned out to be accurate?

Wisdom and light! She does celeb readings but she's sooooo on point, she even does readings for the signs monthly, but I'm looking forward to getting one from her for the New Year. I liked couple of Simply intuitive pick a card readings. Jan 1, Whatever font posted Soulful Heart Radiance She was extremely accurate on the very first video I watched. Plus I always struggled with picking a card but that first video I watched I actually felt drawn a particularly card and was just blown away by the accuracy.

Sadly she deletes her videos after a while. I also use free-tarot-reading. I find their generator to be pretty accurate.


Jan 2, Last edited: Jan 12, Thanks x 4. Mama sunnie! Jan 3, I vouch for Kelley Rosano. She has been the most accurate out of everyone.

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Anybody watch Cups of Tarot? I like how direct she is with her general astro readings but I wish she would expand on things a little more. Stay tuned, I will post when things come full circle. Jan 29, Did you know that your 8th house is the key to your secret power, your transformational potential? So what are Scorpio and Pluto known for? Neptune is about letting go. Pluto is about control. Pluto strives hard to protect its core because it fights its battles on its own.

The 8th house as your secret power is often overlooked as it has a rep for mainly being the house of death, sex and inheritance. This type of power can act just as it desires in any situation. Buddhists consider this a blessing. Your secret power lies in coming out on top, winning battles and going for what you want as you have incredible inner strength.

Your sex appeal is also highly attractive and your ability to bewitch the opposite gender will have people talking for centuries. Your secret power lies in your persistence and in making good investment deals. This is an auspicious house placement — you could reach the heights of wealth and become rich even if you were born poor or in a family with average income as you have an intuitive knack for attracting money and making a fortune. If you give yourself a chance you could develop great marketing skills as well and become a business coach.

Your power and fame could also be in physical beauty — others might be drawn to your looks and feel compelled to get closer to you. You are highly sensual and know how to keep a lover interested long-term.

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You might be good at singing too and enchanting people with the deep sound of your voice. You have a powerful mind that could persuade people. You might beat others at languages, academics, humor, acting, creative writing, processing new information, holding powerful speeches etc. Your natural curiosity will lead you to places as you have great communication skills. You possess insight, so you could be a great writer — your words have a strong impact on people. Your secret power lies in maintaining the strongest emotional connections with people. You are able to appeal to others emotionally and they might see you as a mother figure, a defender of their home or a personal guardian.

People look up to you as they feel nurtured by your sensitivity and concern for them. You could become a leader as you have the power to inspire people to follow you and fight for your cause — you take people under your wing and they love you for it. Your secret power lies in your personal charisma and confidence. Your powerful personality may grant you royal status among people. You are literally seen as a light in the dark as your Sun illuminates the dark depths of the 8th house and brings out hidden truths. This is a very spiritual placement — your Sun acts as your shield, blessing you with the ability to withstand psychic attacks.

Your practical approach and realism keeps your feet on the ground even if the world would be falling apart. You are not the type to be easily fooled as you possess great detective ability. You are able to cover your tracks so well that nobody could ever find you nor suspect you. There could be communication with other dimensions or higher realms. You have the potential to master alchemy and act as a messenger between the mundane and the divine. Just like Hermes, the intermediator who visits the world of the living as well as the underworld.

Your secret power lies in relationships and your obvious charm or beauty.

You are the embodiment of an especially seductive Venus that can make people easily fall at your feet. You know what people like and how to please them. This charm might also manifest in the way you carry yourself and in your personality traits. You could become famous for fighting for justice, peace and harmony in this world. You might also indirectly gain a lot of personal power via romantic love. This is the most powerful 8th house placement of all as Pluto is naturally at home in the 8th. So your secret power lies in mastering the 8th house itself.

This is the placement of a dark magician and the ultimate psychic. Your exceptional insight into human psychology, your ability to transform and embrace impermanence, your sexual power and lethal persona can easily intimidate others around you. Mastering the 8th house means going beyond the need for control, the fear of death, abuse of power, and the ability to tackle your karma and losses, and come out as a survivor.

You possess the power of transforming and changing the lives of others with your strong intuition. Your secret power lies in an open-minded approach to the meaning of life and our role in the universe. You inspire people to go on a quest of truth and discovery. You bring new clarity and expansion to the mystical matters of the 8th house. Exploring foreign places can also bring you luck and fame. You may face paranormal experiences in your life or literally go through things that are completely out of the norm — such as sudden fame or wealth out of pure luck and fortune.

Your secret power lies in bringing order to chaos. You are very good at setting up a working structure, a stable system or keeping a tradition that holds the society together.

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Where others could crumble and fall, you will stand your ground — firm and strong until the end. You could master the financial side of the 8th house, inspire a strong sense of discipline in others and build a fortune for future generations. Mastering your Saturn in the 8th house means overcoming despair and rarely giving up even in the most desperate of times.

Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, J. Your secret power lies in being unconventional, breaking free from the old, rebellion against oppression and bringing humanity toward a progressive future with your revolutionary ideas.

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You are a visionary at heart, an advocate for human rights, and you stand out against the mainstream and the outdated. A lot of famous artists, musicians and actors are born with this placement and you, too, have the power to make your dreams come true and bring your artistic talents to life. An outstanding ability to channel universal wisdom is also possible. Susannah Meel is a professional astrologer and Tarot reader from Estonia. She has been into both since the age of She graduated from an art grammar school and later went on to receive higher education in Socio-Cultural Anthropology as well as Asian and Middle-Eastern Studies with Sanskrit language courses at Tallinn University.

Influenced by the Western, Vedic, Tibetan Kalachakra as well as the Avestan School of Astrology exists only in Russia and the Baltic States , Susannah applies ancient techniques with a progressive vision of astrology. She believes that the ultimate purpose of astrology is spiritual awakening to the true nature of reality. Her practice is therefore uniquely curated from a Buddhist perspective.