Purvashada nakshatra female horoscope

Those born under this nakshatra have the capacity to inspire and energize others.

General characteristics of Purvaashada nakshatra

Yet they must be aware of mental aggression and confrontation. Purvashadha also has a reputation for starting battles and produces fearlessness. General Characteristics: Proud in nature, a strong attachment to friends, and an agreeable spouse. Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born during the pada of Purva Ashadha:. Strength: Influential; artistic; handsome; popular; polite; patient faithful to friends; intelligent; loves the comforts of life; attracted to water; supportive; courageous; humble; wealthy; loves fine cuisine; has a enjoyable relationship with spouse; capable of having many children; makes a good manager; but prefers to be in service; valuable employee; seeks the truth.

Weakness: Egotistical; inflexible; superiority complex; argumentative; not open to advice; works hard for little pay; incompetent manager; bouts of loud and raucous behavior; dictatorial; obstinate; lacks patience with those who are slower to change; settles for less.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (Vedic Astrology) Sagittarius Horoscope Secrets Ep. 19

Professions: Politicians, lawyers, public speakers, motivational speaker, writers, actors, artists, entertainment, poets, teachers, travel industry, foreign traders, shipping industry, navy officer, marine experts, fishing industry, hypnotists, psychic, raw material industry, professions related to water and liquids, refineries, war strategists, costume designers, hair stylists, flying profession, herbalists. Favorable Activities: Confrontation with enemies and opponents, standing up for beliefs, reconciliations, settling debts, going to war, inspiring people into action, revitalization, adventure, exploration in nature, sports, pioneering, travelling over water, sailing, artistic performances, visiting ancient sites, agriculture, marriage, sexual activity.

Unfavorable Activities: Requiring tact and diplomacy, calm reflection, completion of things, land journeys. This temple shares the brilliant energy of the Purvashadha. This energy always moves in the form of light. Kaduveli is known as the edge of cosmic space. Lord Shiva created a brilliant light at Kaduveli through palm leaves.

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Once he created this magnificent light, Lord Shiva revealed its existence at the Kaduveli Temple. A Siddha named Kaduveli Siddha performed penance at this temple and after witnessing Lord Shiva manifest as Sri Akaasapureeswarar, Kaduveli Siddha was transported to the border of cosmic space to continue his penance. It is auspicious for those born under Purvashadha to visit this temple and make offerings to Sri Aakaasapureeswarar at least once in their lifetime.

Those not born under Purvashadha may also benefit by worshipping at Kaduveli Temple. It is favorable to visit on Purvashadha day and perform archana , offer flowers to Sri Aakaasapureeswarar and ask for the blessings of Lord Shiva. There are special poojas for Vaasthu the science of arranging the five elements. The Kaduveli temple it is appropriate to conduct the Vassthu pooja for the earth element. This is beneficial to perform before constructing a building or home. This offering is important for people in real estate, construction and building maintenance.

To perform the Vaasthu pooja, one must offer aromatic scents, perform abhishekam, anoint the deity with sandalwood and kesari flour, sugar, cardamom and adorn the Siva Lingam with fragrant flowers. It is also favorable to offer pongal sweetened boiled rice to the poor people near the temple. Hi what do you mean by completion number Your marriage may be result of an unusual situation. However, you will be happy in your life partnership, and you will find relief and comfort in the loving care of your wife'' Hi Brother please tell me. Is really divorce was happend in ur life.

I am also same poorvashada candidate like u. I am a purvashada women. My age is I want to know about my health. Is there any serious issue should i face regaeding my health in this year. Hi, I was born on 21 jan When will i get a good job. Regards, Pooja.

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I'm pooja. The co Birth Star - Uthradam - Uttarashada with Remedies. These stars are easily visible in the night sky and thought to resemble a fan. People born under this star have an optimistic and independent nature.

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  8. They feel invisible and believe they cannot lose. The ruling deity, Apas Jalam brings a strong connection with the element of water. Thus, Pooradam is associated with fluidity and power. Those under this star have the capacity to inspire and energize others. You they must be aware of mental aggression and confrontation. Pooradam also has a reputation for staring battles and produces fearlessness.

    You are an imaginative man with a quick wit and clever conversation.


    You advise and criticize others, but are particularly concerned with their opinions. You need to be propelled in to action rather than act on your own accord. Parental luck will be unsteady, so watch it carefully. Your interest in other people could be cause for anxiety and jealousy at home. Be cautious in all your dealings.

    Poorvashada is the 18th Nakshatra in Hindu Astrology

    Do not trust anyone totally. You find it hard to change your word or break your promises. The early part of your life is spent in supporting your family. You do not make or retain good friends early. You may experience divorce, disappointment, or significant delay before you are happily married. However, you will be happy in your life partnership, and you will find relief and comfort in the loving care of your wife. You will be intelligent and pleasant.

    But you are women of determination and you will strive to achieve your goals. You will be lucky enough to share your life with a partner who understands you and thinks enough about you to act according to your needs. Though you are affectionate, others may question whether you give your spouse the same degree of affection that he gives you. You do have a vivid imagination and striking communicative ability. Your capacity for analysis and criticism is also innate.

    You are capable of assessing situations and giving people practical and useful advice.