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In the past, astronomy was considered to be a branch of science and was closely associated with disciplines such as astronomy, medicine, and alchemy. However, with the advancement of science, the scientific nature of astronomy began to be questioned; it failed to prove its validity in both theoretical and experimental grounds. Therefore, it is now considered as a pseudoscience.

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The belief in astrology is also declining gradually. Astronomer refers to scientists who study astronomy. Astrologer refers to people who uses astrology to predict future events. Image Courtesy:. Licensed under CC0 via Commons. Hester and A. Andreas Cellarius's illustration of the Ptolemaic System 17th century , which shows the solar system and signs of the zodiac with the Earth at the center.

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Astrology continued to be part of mainstream science until the late s, when Isaac Newton demonstrated some of the physical processes by which celestial bodies affect each other. In doing so, he showed that the same laws that make, say, an apple fall from a tree, also apply to the motions of the celestial sphere. Since then, astronomy has evolved into a completely separate field, where predictions about celestial phenomena are made and tested using the scientific method. In contrast, astrology is now regarded as a pastime and a pseudoscience — though thousands of people around the world still invoke advice from astrologers and astrology publications in making important professional, medical, and personal experiences.

This, despite the fact that current horoscopes rely on outdated information!

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Planets have nothing to do with it. But that's not the point.

What are the Differences Between an Astrologer and an Astronomer?

If you want to get through to your believing sister-in-law or your uncle in Cincinatti, the way to do it is not to argue physics or astronomy, but to explain why astrology works. I tell this with my own story. When I was in elementary school, I practiced a form of divination that you could call bazookamancy. By applying this knowledge to the symbolic associations present, one is better able to understand why they get along better with some people more than others.

For centuries, humans have used the stars in the Northern Hemisphere to figure out the exact date month, day, and year and time.

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To determine the current year the time required for the earth to orbit around the sun must be calculated. The pattern of Lunar phases and the amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis relative to the Sun influence the month and day. Past astrologers also had the ability to figure out the time of day through the use of a sundial.

A sundial is composed of a flat surface marked with symbols and a rod in the center. Depending on the height of the sun, the rod casts a shadow over several markings, which indicates the current time.

How do Astronomy and Astrology Differ?

The concepts and theories that revolve around the subject of astrology are quite complex. A thorough understanding of what each cosmic alignment and planetary movement represent will make it easier for one to comprehend the message conveyed. The celestial birth chart acts as a guide to self-understanding and is used to help one discover natural strengths or internal contradictions.

Astronomical technologies have influenced many everyday objects people encounter on a regular basis. The wireless local area network is the most famous astronomy-derived invention.

Astrophysicist Debunks Horoscopes with Basic Astronomy (+ SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!)

By applying the same method used to enhance the images from radio telescopes to radio signals the result was the profound strengthening of computer networks. This process is now regularly incorporated in all WLAN implementations. Observatory technology is also seen commonly integrated into a variety of daily operations.