Aries november 2019 monthly horoscope by marie moore

According to a Columbia University medical study , people born in this month are less likely to be affected by cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, and reproductive diseases than people born throughout the rest of the year. Of course, everyone knows that April 1 is April Fools' Day. But the whole month actually celebrates comedy. Given the thrill-seeking nature of those born under the Aries sign, their trip should be an adventure-filled road trip through the American Southwest.

Hyperthymia is the scientific term for general optimism , so April babies are likely to see the glass as half-full or find the silver lining in every situation. A study looking at nearly one million people found that both Aries men and Aries women tend to marry fellow Aries, rather than people born under any other sign.

The study concluded that Tauruses are also likely to marry, though Taurus men had a slightly higher marriage rate with Libra women. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. You've been misunderstood your whole life long. Fortunately, naturally, you quite understand why others don't understand.

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It's just another item on that great long list of misunderstandings that you feel obliged to make allowance for. That sense of obligation affects you greatly, but as it also makes you truly brilliant in whatever field you gravitate towards, we must see it as yet another mixed blessing. Michael Jackson had the Virgo genius, too. But he also had other influences on his chart and childhood, which you can consider yourself blessed to have missed out on.

Art, music, beauty and quality control. These are the areas that Librans are supposed to excel in. And they do. But you've also got an impressive ability to ask questions that can't be answered in all areas.

Scorpio in love traits

It makes you difficult to work with, at times, yet it also makes you a most rewarding kind of colleague. You amble through life's options and alternatives, collecting ideas and strategies which turn out to be of immense value. And if, at times, you're assertive about the need to implement these, it's only ever because you're right. As blessed as you are with insight, you are equally gifted with charm. You know how to make folk feel better about themselves, even when you're pointing out flaws that ought to concern them. Simon Cowell pictured was born under your sign. Who but someone born under the sign of the balance could combine that role of critic and mentor?

Scorpios can't really see round corners. They don't actually have X-ray eyes. Yet they know, somehow, what others are thinking, even when they think they aren't thinking it. David Dimbleby: Shows typical Scorpio traits of being blunt, direct and decisiveness. Whatever it is, it makes them so strong and so incisive that nothing can defeat them.

Other, perhaps, than their own propensity to become overly sensitive. In the research that demonstrated how some signs are more likely to end up finding early stardom, Scorpios didn't come top of the list. But then if you're a Scorpio, you'll know it's only in later life that you really began to find the confidence to work constructively, consistently. You can be blunt, direct and decisive.

Yet when you delicately balance that with a degree of self restraint, you bring out the best in situations and in yourself. You'd make a natural hypnotist, healer, therapist, writer, researcher, journalist or, as in the case of your fellow Scorpio David Dimbleby , interviewer. Why are Sagittarians more likely to end up child stars than people born under any other sign?

Because from the moment they are born, they exude natural exuberance.

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  7. They can't repress it and they won't restrain it! Yet it's so honest, natural and hopeful that it melts even the most cynical hearts. Sagittarians of any age have a kind of selective deafness. There are some words they just can't hear. Like, for example, the word 'impossible'. If it registers at all, it acts as an invitation. As you'll know, if you are a Sagittarian, the impossible is not always as impossible as most folk think. And if you only ever rise successfully to such a challenge once, you can then feel justified in taking on more such tasks; for better or for worse.

    While you're naturally inclined towards law, publishing, event management or exploration, impossible things have a way of working out well for you.

    Were you born to be a star? What your birth sign says about your route to fame and fortune

    Noel Coward was a child star who grew up to be a creative genius. He's just one more example of what can be done, as long as you don't start to believe that it can't! Were you born to be a star? Frumpy to glamorous: Carol Vorderman. Share this article Share. Jools Holland formed his first successful pop group at a very tender age. Gordon Brown: Pisceans are versatile and often hard to understand.

    Chris Evans has a cavalier attitude to his career. Jessica Watson sailed single-handed around the world at just Kylie Minogue has shown us all her fighting spirit. Lindsay Lohan: Good at pretending to be what everyone else wanted her to be. Michael Jackson had the Virgo genius, but he also had other influences. Simon Cowell: Combines the role of critic and mentor so well.

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    Wednesday and Thursday are the best days, when Jupiter trines the Sun and Venus which are both in luxury-loving Leo. So make sure you capitalise on lucky opportunities when they come along.

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    Scorpio Facts

    So prepare for four weeks of drama, creativity, self-expression and big hair! Thursday is action day, when Mars and Jupiter rev up energy, enthusiasm and motivation. But Mercury is still retrograde so temper enthusiasm with common sense, caution and plenty of patience. Horoscopes for July … July is a difficult month so prepare for another problematic week.

    Life will certainly run more smoothly if you are extra patient and diplomatic … plus double-check everything!

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